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Xbox Game Pass - Is Cloud Game Streaming Worth It?

Xbox Game Pass – Is Cloud Game Streaming Worth It?

Streaming Game with Xbox Game Pass – Essentials for short

The Xbox GamePass subscription offers an online subscription-based game library, but it can also be used for cloud game streaming on a smartphone and PC. With these devices, cloud game streaming via Xbox GamePass can be an inexpensive alternative to an expensive game console or high-performance computer. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass offer at a glance:

  • Cloud Game Streaming: Xbox games can be played on a smartphone or computer without high-end hardware.
  • Subscriptions: Xbox Game Pass opens up a digital game world that deals with monthly expenses and various subscriptions.
  • Final devices: Game Boss lets you download and play a wide variety of games on the Xbox. On PCs and smartphones, you can play them directly thanks to Xbox GamePass for Cloud Gaming.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 Monad)

Downloadable 1 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Member. For console games and PC games.

Is the cloud game streaming?

Cloud game streaming is based on the same concept as Netflix and Go. The game does not run on your own computer or smartphone, but is powered by a very powerful device from the respective provider. Playing the game is “outsourced” based on the high workload and the user streams the live stream of game content onto their device. As a result, the user only needs a stable internet connection and his own computer does not have to have any power of its own.

This applies: Every device that can open the browser and stream series can play the latest games with high resolution with the game streaming process.

Different providers of game streaming often differ in their respective game distributions, but in terms of functionality and support devices. For example, Microsoft’s Xbox GamePass service offers specialized, limited games that users can choose from in the menu.

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Cloud Game Streaming Mid-Time Xbox Game Boss

The subscription for the Xbox Game Pass can be taken out and used on a variety of devices. There are differences here as cloud gaming is not available on all devices.

Use the Xbox Game Pass on your smartphone

With the Xbox Game Pass, you can run the latest games on almost any Android smartphone, no matter how powerful the device is, the offer for iOS devices is still in the testing phase (status: 05/2021). All you need for game streaming is a standard internet connection and Android software 6.0 or higher.

Use the Xbox Game Pass on your computer

On the computer it is like an Android smartphone. The computer does not have to be particularly powerful, it has to have a stable internet connection. Games are not streamed through the browser, but through the separate Xbox GamePass app. So it is not necessary or possible to install games on the hard disk.

Use the Xbox Game Pass on your console

The Xbox Game Pass console works a little differently because the games are not played in cloud streaming, but can only be played locally. So you need to download the games and save them on the console’s hard drive before using them. However, users can still access the game library, but as console memory is limited, the games played must accommodate newer games on the hard drive.

Xbox Game Pass – The Cloud Edition for Smartphones and Computers

The cloud game streaming service from Microsoft works via subscription model and is available from 9. 9.99 per month. Xbox GamePass owners have access to a game library that offers over 100 different titles, including the latest games and exclusive titles. EA allows you to play popular games such as FIFA. Play is also included in the offer.

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As with traditional streaming services, some new games are added to the Xbox Game Pass each month. An application is required to use the service on an Android device (Android) Necessarily, at the same time Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers can be used on the computer.

Xbox Game Pass Costs – Subscription Deals and Pricing

If you want to subscribe to Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can choose between three different Xbox Game Pass subscription options:

  • Consoles: Microsoft offers a game library for Xbox consoles for 99 9.99, however it should be noted that all games must be downloaded and stored locally on the device.
  • PC: The cloud game streaming offer for PC is also available for 9. 9.99, but so far this service is exclusively invitation only because it is still in beta.
  • Xbox Campus Ultimate: Game Pass Ultimate costs 12.99 euros and includes all the functions mentioned above and also enables cloud game streaming on Android devices.

Xbox Game Pass Console (3 months)

Xbox Game Boss for Xbox for 3 months with over 100 games, blockbusters and new exclusive titles.

Xbox Game Boss for Xbox for over 3 months with over 100 games, blockbusters and new exclusive titles.

Game Problems of streaming

Although game streaming may completely replace regular gaming on your own computer in the future, the offer is currently plagued by some vulnerabilities. The controls are called “delays” because the games are streamed externally. This happens because the signal has to travel long distances between the user and the computer. First, the image is sent from the computer to the user from the provider’s data center; There is already a delay of a few milliseconds here. The user sees what happens later compared to another player playing the game locally on his own computer.

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In addition, there are further delays when actions are taken in the game because the input of the mouse or controller is also a signal. The user must send this signal back to the provider’s data center. Sending signals back and forth leads to severe delays, which can reduce the fun of the game.

For many games, this delay is not a big issue and feels a bit “fluffy”, but you can take advantage of it. However, with e-sports titles, you should not resort to streaming games because the millisecond delay indicates a serious harm to the user and games are generally inedible.

How do I play Xbox games on my phone?

You can download the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate app for Android from the Google Play Store. You just need to take a GamePass subscription and connect the Bluetooth controller to the smartphone and you can start playing.

How does Xbox Cloud Gaming work?

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a type of Netflix for gaming. Games are streamed externally, making it possible to play modern games – even on low-performance or older devices.

What is Game Pass?

Xbox GamePass is a subscription service provided by Microsoft that allows users to access the extensive game library and use the cloud gaming service.