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Cyberbank 2077, comes with the first free DLC connection 1.3

Cyberbank 2077, comes with the first free DLC connection 1.3

It seems that CDPR is abruptly working to prevent problems encountered in its versions of Cyberbunk 2077 for consoles and PCs. With a stream that went through the air On the company’s personal twitch channelIn fact, it was reported that a lot of news was coming in for the Polish company title. Not only is there a link to fix some more issues in the title, but 1.3 also marks the arrival of a completely free DLC since inserting some c.Aesthetic content and customization.

First change the look of the Silverhound and finally give him a new haircut and a completely new outfit. Everything is explicitly selected through a special menu. In addition, new jackets will be added to the V, which can be worn immediately. Obviously, everything can be read Via the company’s official tweet Who are interested in mentioning it They work very hard Cyberpunk 2077 to shine.

In fact, in Appendix 1.3 i changes That will be done There are many The official changelog of the link actually looks like a “package insert”. Of the many problems to be solved, we have some shortcomings that do not yet allow us to access or complete certain parts of the secondary tasks. Like all links published to date, this one gives a little boost to performance above all else Cyberpunk 2077 within the city.

We hope that Night City will be more alive than ever, and that even the players of the older generation will enjoy stability and performance. Allow yourself to enjoy the adventure. Obviously, we do not have an exact date for the release of the patch yet, but we are sure we will have updates in the coming weeks!

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