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Dragon's Docma 2 or the new TMC?  -

Dragon’s Tacma 2 is “100% in development with RE engine” according to a popular leak –

Capcom has had some favorable years based on the commercial success of their games. Resident Evil Village enjoys a high quality game and excellent sales. Monster Hunter rides the waves of great success in both the world and its ice expanse and Rice. Also, after the TMC “slip”, Devil May Cry is back with a fifth episode. Is it time to make room for the sequel to Dragon’s Docma? What will this game look like? With what machine will it be made? According to a well-known leak, “Dragon’s Docma2 Is in 100% growth with RE engine“.

Questionable leak Twilight Golem, Also known as the aesthetic game. Dusk Golem has revealed many details about the past, especially Capcom and Resident Evil, various details about the village, which later proved to be correct. Now, in response to a Twitter user, the leak said: “It’s safe to say that most Capcom games that do not use an engine for boarding, remasters or for a specific reason use the RE engine. Not at all. ”

So Anthi Golem believes that Dragon uses Docma 2 Graphics engine Citizen Evil has proven in recent years to be able to create high visual quality video games. Apparently Dragon’s Docma 2 will be a different game from Citizen Evil: it will move from a linear title with smaller parts to a larger open world.

Note that Dragon’s Docma 2 has not been officially announced and its availability is only offered Rumor. In the meantime, we are waiting for the game’s release, and we’re reporting the leaked shared series features.

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