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Xbox Game Pass for PC: New additions for September

Xbox Game Pass for PC: New additions for September

Many new games will be added to the system in September on the Xbox Game Boss. New combinations at a glance.

Anyone who has subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass for PC can expect new free games every month. And there will be at least six games that can be used at no extra cost in September. Not all PC games that will be part of the Xbox Game Pass in September have been determined yet. The most unusual title is “Operation Simulator 2: Access All Parts” on September 2nd. Developer Posa Studios’ simulation puts the player in the smoke of a surgeon who does not need to perform more serious surgeries. “Skateboard”, a skateboarding game in which the birds dare to enter the roller board and do not follow until the middle of the month. On September 16th, “I Am Fish” will expand the Xbox Game Pass on the system. The game is based on the popular “I Am Bread” and allows the player to physically throw the perfect fish around the world.

One day later, on September 17, 2021, the action game “Aragami 2” will be part of the Xbox Game Pass. In it, the player slips into the robe of the shadow clan ninja, which he can join with a co-op friend of his choice. On September 23, subscribers can also download the adventure “Chapel”. Indie game offers a chic game world and is somewhat reminiscent of “Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. Shortly before the end of the month, on September 28th, the multiplayer shooter “Lemnis Gate” appears, which offers different heroes and should be entertained with a time loop mechanism. A match lasts only 25 seconds. The three games “Player Witch”, “Stranger Things 3” and “Double Kick Heroes” are free to download until August 31st.

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