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Microsoft Surface devices were greatly reduced

Microsoft Surface devices were greatly reduced

If you are looking for a new tablet or laptop, the chance to get a powerful device cheap is black and silver. We can recommend you especially the Microsoft Surface models.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 on Amazon Offer

With the Microsoft Surface Go 2, you do not have to decide whether it is a tablet or a laptop, because it can be both – with a keyboard that is available separately. So you can write, draw or type on the touch screen and enjoy serials and movies, but you can also use the device as a laptop. Due to the Intel Core M3 and powerful graphics, the Surface Go 2 is not only fast but also beautiful. With dual cameras of 5 and 8 megapixels you can take amazing photos or make razor sharp video calls. At Amazon you pay only 555 euros on the offer and save a strong 33 percent!

Microsoft Surface Laptop Co

Platinum, sandstone or snow blue, these three colors are available Der Surface Laptop Co Comes to your home at 1100 grams, the slim laptop is not only particularly light but also beautiful. At 12.45 inches, it fits in smaller bags, but is adequate for Netflix and Co. Also know how to trust its internal values, because the integrated battery lasts up to 13 hours.

Microsoft Surface Laptop4

Premium Variation on Microsoft Surface Products: With this 15-inch laptop 4You can expect a very powerful device with a long battery life of up to 17.5 hours. Also technical information such as RAM up to 32GB and lightning speed storage up to 1TB is reliable.

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