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Xbox Game Boss: Xbox France promises an “incredible” announcement tomorrow | Xbox One

“Incredible announcement tomorrow, we want to warn you.” This is what the official Xbox GamePass Twitter account in France promises. What can he prepare well for?

Incredible announcement regarding the Xbox Game Pass

As far as we know now, an announcement will be made tomorrow, more precisely “Afternoon to keep everyone well awake”.

We checked, and Xbox France only seems to be bringing this thing up. So everything says it’s a local initiative, not an international one.

If this really happens, one should not expect the announcement of an exciting game to come Xbox Game Boss, Or any connection with Nintendo or even the arrival of a new service. Even less so when the announcement is made on a Saturday. Some players are already imagining strange things about this announcement, but if we could offer a suggestion we would not be able to imagine things so crazy. Isn’t it the best way to be surprised not to expect anything in particular?

See you tomorrow to find out what’s going on!

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