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Xbox Game Boss, Other Dragon Quest May Come -

Xbox Game Boss, Other Dragon Quest May Come –

Xbox Game Boss I could see it coming Other chapters Of the series Dragon Quest In its list, even if told the truth, there is doubt as to what they will be, considering that the other episodes of the main series cannot be retrieved.

This idea emerges from the Xbox Game Boss Always Active and Goliath Official Account Twitter, Who secretly responded to a user’s post, created the impression that other dragon searches might come up on the Microsoft subscription service list. The exchange, announced below, actually ends with a mysterious question from the Xbox Game Boss.

User Andre Jordan jokingly wrote that he is still busy on Dragon Quest 11, but Dragon Quest Builders 2 was released on Xbox Game Boss, so “Dragon Quest more than I follow”. The Xbox GamePass account responded to this tweet by saying, “No, that’s the right amount I still don’t have enough? “

This last question has sparked rumors about other possible Dragon Quest, but the truth is not exactly understood. No May be. It seems to indicate more concrete possibilities Spin-off, Or vice versa Dragon Quest Heroes Or the first episode of Dragon Quest Builders, which is actually missing from the list yet.

For Regular seriesIn fact, Dragon Quest X is an online RPG that has never been released from Japan, while Dragon Quest IX is a Nintendo DS exclusive, formerly PS2 exclusive, and later released on 3DS and mobile. In all cases they appear to be difficult episodes to return to Xbox, but we are still waiting for any information on this, which we consider to be speculation for now.

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