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Study: The Xbox Game Pass helps people across Germany stay in touch with each other

Study: The Xbox Game Pass helps people across Germany stay in touch with each other

A New study Shows how players in Germany are connected via the Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Boss members are more likely than non-members to play video games with friends and family. As part of the study, 2,000 people in Germany were asked about the concept and use of gaming subscriptions.

Most social gamers in Germany
A new study with 2,000 German-based gamers provides information on how gamers rate and use subscription services for their entertainment.

  • Members of the Xbox Game Boss are the most social players in Germany – more likely to play with friends (16 percent more) or family members (19 percent more) than non-members.
  • Gaming subscriptions are becoming a new standard along with other entertainment subscriptions. 92% of German gamers already have an entertainment subscription, and two-thirds (63%) say they use a gaming subscription.
  • Nearly half (46 percent) of German gamers * play at least once a week via the subscription service – if you look at the Xbox Game Pass members, it is even 75 percent.

About the study
The study was conducted in December 2021 by Opinion. Video games are played at least once a month in the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Poland and Germany by 14,000+ players (2,000 respondents in each country) aged 16-40.

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