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Xbox Game Boss and subscriptions don't make sense for important games -

Xbox Game Boss and subscriptions don’t make sense for important games –

Xbox Game Boss ei vari Subscriptions Similar They have no meaning to i Important games: This is the opinion expressed by Strauss-Jennick, CEO of Tag-Doo, during his last meeting with investors.

This is a very simple concept, supported by numbers: 150 million copies of GDA5 and 38 million copies of Red Dead Redemption 2 are obviously not good for the company. Takes It would be unusual if two topics were included on the first day of such service.

“Our opinion has not changed: we think it makes sense to allow access to subscription games Large list, But it makes no sense for big titles, “Zelnik said.

“For any business model to make sense, it has to work for consumers who enjoy those experiences and for those who create the entertainment product.”

“I think access to the list is understandable to publishers and very unsatisfied users who want to get higher titles. But when it comes to important games, it’s very difficult to come to an end.”

However, the CEO said he was ready to reconsider all of this in light of any changes. “We have an open mind. Our topics are available on some subscription services, rarely very important.”

“However, we continue to see this opportunity as an offer linked to a list, rather than a flagship product.”

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