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Xbox Game Boss accidentally releases a great upcoming title [agg.]

Xbox Game Boss accidentally releases a great upcoming title [agg.]

Update 16:03 – The game’s publisher is Devolver Digital Denied For all the rumors that have been circulating once and for several days around the landing Fall guys su Xbox Game Boss.

Developer is digital Quickly copied Than what has been in circulation recently “This is not right”, Before mentioning it more deeply.

«No plans On arrival Fall guys In any form of campus. “, We read in the publisher’s tweet that we firmly believe that it will not cover the arrival of rumors about it.

Original news – Official account of Xbox Game Boss On Instagram he mistakenly expected, or at least we imagine the arrival of a better title on the subscription service list.

Microsoft’s sharing of social channels shows the reaction of fans every time the Xbox Game Boss increases the size of their backlinks, using one of its main characters, the funny zip. Control Issued by (arrived at the system).

In the copies of the fans, we see the annoying request of a player who shouted for the introduction Fall guys In the subscription.

In response, the Xbox GamePass account responded with a “Coming” Finish with emojis to invite you to peel your eyes for a closer announcement.

Apparently, the exchange did not escape the attention of Internet users, including journalist Tom Warren On the edge Who took the picture of him and shared it on Twitter in minutes.

The arrival of Fall Guys on the Xbox Game Boss is no big surprise, just a few days ago it was a weird Battle Royale ad “Self-recommendation” with a funny tweet.

This game is currently only available on PC and PS4, where – launched from day one on PlayStation Plus – Broke every download record.

This means the title can be followed Such path Among us, Which should be introduced immediately in service for PC, while the Xbox Series X | Will be released for S (and Xbox One) and then released on a later date.

The Xbox Game Boss only announced the second round of games for January yesterday Including among others Middle.

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