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Xbox Cloud Console Gaming Comes In Beta Today (Xbox Insiders) |  Xbox One

Xbox Cloud Console Gaming is now available for all Xbox Insiders | Xbox One

It’s been exactly a month since the announcement of the gradual release of Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Microsoft console. Initially reserved for some Xbox Insider members, it is now accessible to all rankings up to Omega.

Play Xbox Game Pass Games Without Downloading!

First, keep in mind that this option is currently only available to Xbox Insiders members (from Alpha Skip-Ahead to Omega) who have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. If you are, you can play Xbox Game Pass games in the cloud right from your Xbox console.

But what exactly is it for? When you subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass on the console, you will need to download the games to your internal storage, which will take up not only space but also time.

With this new option of Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can start games directly from the cloud without downloading, and they will start instantly! This is a great way to get a quick idea of ​​the game before downloading.

How To Play Xbox Cloud Gaming Games On Console

To see which games are available and can be played with this new option, go to your Xbox interface in “My Games and Apps” and show your entire library and enable the “Cloud Gaming” filter.

You need to click the “Play” button with the cloud icon to start the game.

Note that the functionality is still in the testing phase. But now that it is available to Omega Ranking members, the test is over and that means all players can enjoy it very soon!

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