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XCloud on PC via Web Browser, Two Images Revealed Interface -

Xbox Cloud begins to use Xbox Series X as basic hardware in some games – Nert 4.Life

The expected technological evolution of Xbox Cloud With reporting, the mesh begins to do First games The Xbox Game Pass will work on the new Blade servers on the Cloud Gaming list Hardware D Xbox Series X.

These changes were expected these days, when Microsoft announced a few weeks ago that the update of datacenters with Series X hardware was almost complete, and it seems that the process is starting to pay off.

The information is not yet official, but comes from within GlassHowever, this is evidenced by the obvious screen shot and seems to be confirmed by other users. For now, with service in beta, The Server blade They are only used for select games by Xbox Series X, which include:

  • Siege of the rainbow river
  • Outer Riders
  • The sea of ​​thieves
  • Yakuza: Like a dragon

But apparently this is only a beginning, with the need to gradually engage fully with change Game Table Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the cloud. For now, Globril’s testimony is based on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Evidence of Siege, which works 120 fps And it seems to be more responsive than ever.

Cloud gaming is actually calculated on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the Xbox One S hardware inserted into Microsoft’s blade servers, although this began to change some time with the Xbox Series X hardware. Was interesting and involved a lot of hardware components, part of the initial production of consoles was sent to this process, which should be almost completed at this point.

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