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Xbox at Tokyo Game Show 2021: Finally No Big Announcement on the Xbox One

Xbox at Tokyo Game Show 2021: Finally No Big Announcement on the Xbox One

Although we already have the rights to E3 and Gamescom to close the summer conference ball, today talking about him is the Tokyo Game Show. The Japanese show opens on September 30, and many publishers will be showing the games. Among them, Microsoft will host the Xbox event.

Display Xbox or TGS 2021

The Redmond Company will be on display at a showcase on September 30 in the Japanese capital. Xbox confirms it has exclusive announcements and content to share, but this official information was later softened. Keep in mind that this brand is not a huge success in this region, Bill Spencer It is constantly interested.

Aaron Greenberg, Xbox’s head of marketing, lowered fan expectations after he made exclusive announcements about the show. According to him, there will be no “big announcement or revelation” during the event.

This is an exhibition for our players across Japan and Asia. Expect regionally relevant updates, but no major announcements or announcements as our teams focus on major releases in October, November and December.

Earlier this year, we learned that Japan is land Growth was strong for the Xbox brand. In recent years, many Japanese games on the Xbox have been owned by our side, especially the arrival of more popular licenses such as Yakuza or Kingdom Hearts on the Xbox Game Boss. Also keep in mind that many final fantasy games are expected At this year’s Xbox Game Boss.

We will be paying close attention to Microsoft’s announcements during this Tokyo Game Show 2021.

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Ubisoft, Capcom, Square Enix … even there!

Of course, Microsoft will not be the only publisher at this event. If Ubisoft or 505 games are in the game, it is necessary to calculate Capcom, Konami or Square Enix among the most popular players in Japan.

Conferences of major publishers

Below are details of the dates on which the events of the major publishers will take place. To find a complete list of all planned talk activities, go directly to the website DGS 2021.

September 30, 2021

  • Xbox DGS Showcase 2021
  • Gonami
  • Capcom Online Project

October 1, 2021

October 3, 2021

  • UBIDAY2021 Online × TGS Special Program
  • The arc system works