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Android 12: All about the upcoming Android version

Android 12: All about the upcoming Android version

We look forward to the official release of Android 12 from September to October this year. At the time of the beta 3 version of Google’s new operating system, in this article we have put together everything we know about Android 12 so far.

The purpose of this overview page is to provide you with a contact point for all questions about Android 12. All the information on the topic that excites you is compiled here. What is the version called? What can Android 12 do and which devices get the update? These and many more will be answered here.


What is the name of the new Android version?

With the announcement of Android 10, the Android development team decided to stop naming versions of the operating system after the dessert. After Android 9 Pie, all versions will be provided with version number only.

However, the code name “Snow Cone” was used in the early stages of the team’s development XDA-Developers Found. As a result, rumors have surfaced about how Android 12 will be named.

If Google had gone for more sweet names, we would have been given “Android 12 Snow Coon” / © Chat Versoza – Shutterstock / Next Bit

Android 11 was locally labeled “Red Velvet Cake”, but it should be noted that this candy has never officially received its name. We can assume that the upcoming iteration will follow this and will be called “Android 12” according to the official announcement.

Android 12 Beta Preview

Android 12 has been in development since at least February when Google released the first preview of the operating system for developers. Following the release plan, we are already in the third beta version of the new system. But what does that mean?

In recent years, the beta release has helped draw the attention of the application operating community to new features that Google may bring to the operating system. In this way, the search allows giant developers to try out changes beforehand. In addition, the Android team has the opportunity to get real-time feedback on the new system’s functionality.

Next bit Android 12 scrollshot

The beta version of Android 12 expects the most important features we will see in the operating system in 2021 / © Next bit

This reduces the chance that Google will release multiple fix updates for Android devices that use the final version of Android 12.

It also helps magazines like NextPit to know the system and test its functionality. In the end, you benefit from this because we can already show you how these features work in practice. So, our team has already downloaded and installed Android 12 on Google Pixel smartphone. You can pre-test our Android 12 in beta under the following link:

Why Android 12 should be an operating system

What are the key new features of Android 12?

When Search engine developer conference Google I / O 2021 has announced some of the new features of Android 12. One of them is one of the biggest revisions to the User Interface (UI) design, called “Material U”. There was the introduction of the Privacy Group, the redefinition of widgets for Android and many security improvements.

We have talked in detail about each of these and many more features in the upcoming operating system. Here is our link for Android 12 features:

Android 12 in general beta: The most important breakthroughs in mobile phone OS

Next bit Android 12 11

New widgets in Android 12 have been redesigned in form and functionality to provide a better smartphone experience / © NextPit-Google

Android 12 release date and available

The Android team is expected to integrate the final features of the operating system in August this year. Details about the release plan can be seen in the image below:

Android 12 desktop timeline en

The standard version of Android 12 is expected to be released in August 2021 / © Android Developers

What does that mean? Android 12 should reach the standard version when the system stops getting new features in August. This can be seen at the top of the image under the word “platform stability”. Then it goes to the pre-adjustment stage The The final version will be released.

Knowing that versions 10 and 11 of the operating system were released in September, it is clear that Android 12 will go the same way. However, even after the official release, it may take some time for the final version to appear in the notification bar of your mobile phone because the manufacturers have an independent update schedule from Google. The first devices on the Android 12 update list will definitely be the Google Pixel models again.

At the time of this article, Android 12 was in beta 3, which already includes the final APIs and the official SDK for the version. In other words, we do not expect many changes until beta 4 is released, which indicates the stability of the site and is scheduled for August.

Which smartphones get Android 12?

So far, the beta version of Android 12 can be installed not only on pixel models, but also on devices from ten other manufacturers. At the link below you can find a list of smartphones that can expect Android 12 or they have official confirmations.

Android 12: Expect an update to these smartphones

Looking at Samsung’s comprehensive update policy, we’ve created a special list for the manufacturer’s models that have already been confirmed or at least have reasonable confidence for Android 12. If you want to get an overview follow the next link:

Android 12: Which Samsung phones get the update?

AndroidPIT Samsung S20 Before2

Samsung Galaxy S20 is one of the devices that will get the update for Android 12 / © Next Bit

This is how to install Android 12 Beta on your smartphone

Warning: If you want to use the beta version of Android 12, keep in mind: the system is still unstable and not compatible with most applications. If you still want to download and install Android 12, we recommend you check it out Release Notes. So far you can read about the limitations of the new operating system.

If you have downloaded and installed the developer preview or beta 2 version, you will automatically receive the next system update (OTA). If this does not suit you, follow the instructions below.

  • To install Android 12 Beta 3 on your mobile phone, you must first register Android beta program Sign in.
    • To do this, you need a model from a compatible Google Pixel device or affiliate manufacturer of the project.
Android 12 beta program

If you have a device that qualifies you to participate in the beta program, you must first register / © Next Bit

  • Update the factory image of the smartphone or upload the OTA image to the device. In this case you do not have to open the boot loader or delete the data.

You will receive future updates automatically after manual installation.

We hope we were able to provide you with the information you are looking for regarding Android 12. This page is constantly updated to provide the most important news about the new version of the Android operating system.

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