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WWDC Rumors: MacBook Pro 14 “and 16” and Homeos expected

Picture: Apple

The second will start next Monday evening at 7pm German time Almost Apple owned WWDC. Updates are expected for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. But newer hardware is also planned in the form of the fast Apple Silicon MacBook Pro 14 “and 16”. There may also be a new operating system with HomeOS.

The assessment that Apple will not only provide new software, but also new hardware at WWDC goes to an analyst at Los Angeles-based investment company WeTbush. According to a statement to investors Macroemers You can see that Apple is planning to attend the developer conference “Two surprises“, Including the new MacBook Pro. According to the researcher, the new devices will have to work with the M1.

The latter detail is unlikely to be as fast as Apple chip analysts and experts previously thought for the new MacBook Pro. In addition, some restrictions on the M1, such as RAM and I / O, have been mentioned so far, which is why Apple has only replaced the smaller MacBook Pro 13 with two Thunderbolt connections with Apple Silicon and larger models still use Intel-processors.

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For the MacBook Pro 14 “, the more powerful 13” version has to be replaced with four Thunderbolt ports, and the 16 “model is considered an” M1 X “or” M2 “with higher cores. , Will introduce designs like the iPod Air and iPod Pro, which will have to rely on more flat pages. The end of the bar is expected.

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The new Homeos operating system was found

As for the software, Apple could launch Homeos, the new operating system for the homepot, Apple TV and other smart home devices on WWPC. Page Applesferra A search released by Apple found that the company is looking for software developers for iOS, watchOS, tvOS and homeOS. After the article was published, Apple adjusted the ad and switched Homoeos to another level with HomeOS and TVOS at one point in the entry with HomeBot.