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Pravalhalla x Kung Fu Panda Crossover • Nintendo Connect

Pravalhalla x Kung Fu Panda Crossover • Nintendo Connect

Ubisoft, along with Universal Games and digital platforms, announced yesterday in a press release Go, Tiger And Dye lung, By DreamWorks animations Kung Fu Panda, March 24, 2021 epic shortcut Pravalhalla Appear.

The game event brings a new game mode, a new map type, which categorizes the ghost zone Kung Fu Panda3 A new knockout effect is coming into effect with Master Shifu. Mantis, Crane, Monkey And Viper, All occur in signature attacks Tiger And Go To help in battle.

You can also set a reminder for the premiere of the release trailer on YouTube:

Pravalhalla Created by Blue Uncle and is a free-to-play-platform fighting game. It takes you to a battle for fame and honor in the halls of Valhalla. You can choose from more than 50 unique characters and compete in single or cooperative mode against other players online and locally. Pravalhalla Supports cross-platform gaming between Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, iOS and Android devices. You can play all the online matchmaking activities together and customize them.

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