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Wonder Boy Asha in the Monster World (Nintendo Switch) - Camel.F

Wonder Boy Asha in the Monster World (Nintendo Switch) – Camel.F

Hello! This time, I’m glad I was able to taste this a little bit Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World ! The game will be released in 6 short days on Nintendo Switch and PS4, and you will have to wait until June 29, 2021 to watch the game on PC! Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World A platform game with some RPG components.

Let’s play: Monster World Wonder Boy Asha on Nintendo Switch!

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What about sports? Good Of the remake of Monster World IV, Who was out In the Sega Mega Drive in 1994 ! On the contrary Monster Boy, Who chose him to be updating 2D graphics in his remake, Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World Choose to switch to full 3D graphics! No real change in the story: with Pepaloku, Asha must free the four spirits locked up in the four corners of the world By evil forces … Although the game is completely in 3D, The game is 100% 2D, For my part, reminded me Zelda2. Pushing the stick down allows you to use it Your shield, Pressing the A (or Y) button will kick the sword, the B button will allow you to jump and the ZL and ZR buttons will trigger a special attack!

I still noticed some minor flaws in the game: I could see Some translation misspellings (Nothing dramatic, and a patch should fix all of these), though I welcome the presence of a French translation, The game seems to me Rather short (In a few hours, I think I could finish it in 6 hours, I guess what that time was), and the first bosses I met were basically basic and easy to beat in terms of shapes (movements)! ‘! On the other hand, The game acts 200% of a great retro glamor, Especially in terms of its glittering music! And all together Quality Japanese dubbingஅனைத்தும் Everything that pleases the ears! Especially when we find out that Shinichi Sagamoto just reviewed the music and sound effects of the game!

Posted by STUDIOARTDINK, Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World இய 39.99 in the physics version, in the demodialized version. Sold at 34.99, the physics version of the game includes the game Monster World IV! has received a dematerialized copy of this game, which can provide you with a game and this preview. > Tests > Notice > Avis # 39: Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World (Nintendo Switch)

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