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Nintendo Shows Super German Things About Mario Golf: Super Rush – Tower

Newly updated: The Official German website To Mario Golf: Super Rush Expanded to add more information and reveals one or two new details about the upcoming golf fun. But above all, Nintendo shows us that First German material For the game. It is noteworthy that Japanese or English versions were used for the previous two trailers and the press items that came with them. However, common to Nintendo – it is safe to say that the title was translated entirely into German.

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The new films give us an insight into the three modes of play, Standard Golf, Speed ​​Golf and Battle Golf, as well as the single player golf adventure such as Mario Golf: Super Rush. Especially interesting: they show us in a screen shot Options for creating a multiplayer lobby. For example, players can set a passcode, determine which players can join the game, select golf mode and determine the number of players. You can play this game locally and online with the other three players.

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Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the official website German names of all special strokes and special sprints Indicates. German localization is very imaginative, for example with Yoshi’s techniques, which go by the names “e-sway-tray” and “e-speed”. In addition, Nintendo reveals them to us German names of four neighborhoods In the game: “Granboshell”, “Shroffstein”, “Dennwell” and “Wetterwald”. The best thing to do German website a.

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