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Nintendo Player |  Heroes' Legend: Traces of Gold Steel IV April Ni Suntendo Switch

Nintendo Player | Heroes’ Legend: Traces of Gold Steel IV April Ni Suntendo Switch

After the exclusive time on the console Sony, Legend of Heroes: Traces of Cold Steel IV Getting ready to start Nintendo Switch.

NIS USA And developer Nihan Balcom They announced it Legend of Heroes: Traces of Cold Steel IV Next will be available first April 9, 2021 His Nintendo Switch e Nintendo Switch Light.

This is the final act of a famous saga, which may not be known to all gamers, but in recent years it has been able to carve out good pieces of fans in the world video game panorama. Before leaving you with a brief overview of the topic, we remind you to click if you are interested in our review of the third chapter who.

The long-awaited finale of a continental epic story comes to a head in the final episode of Cold Steel Saga Tracks! The continent of Jemuria is being dragged into conflict as the Arabian Empire fully mobilizes its military forces. Eighth grade heroes, old and new, must unite to end the conflict before consuming the continent.

The biggest list in the history of the series, Heroes from all over the world are trying to join in this cause! Seventh grade heroes join the Crospel Special Support section and even the heroes of Lieber.

New systems are already joining the refined combat system of The Legend of Heroes series, including the ability to summon giant messengers on the field for catastrophic attacks, the use of auto warfare for more opportunistic combat, and the use of the Lost Arts. Can turn the tide of war.