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Wonder Boy: Asha has crossed the gold in the monster world

Wonder Boy: Asha has crossed the gold in the monster world

After Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom on Nintendo Switch, a new episode is being prepared: Wonder Boy: A remake of Monster World Asha, Monster World IV (1994).

Created by ININ Games, we will have the opportunity to discover some members of the original game, such as creator Ryuchi Nishisawa, Sarah-designer Mickey Osora, creative director Ryochi Nishisawa, but also composer Shinichi Sagamoto The game is scheduled to be released on the Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4, and will be fully dubbed.

Publisher G Choice and developer Studio Arting have confirmed that Wonder Boy: Monster World Asha will be launched on April 22, 2021 in Japan for the Nintendo Switch. There will be a standard version of the “Special Pack” retail at 3,980 yen and 5,980 yen. . The special pack includes a collector’s box, two art books (an 80 pages, a 40 pages) and a copy of the game. Of course, there will also be a 3,480 yen digital version.

No details for the West, but with an initial set of “Beginning of 2021”, of course at the same time. Monster World IV Will be included in the original physics versions. Raichi Nishisawa, director of art and licensing creator, in an interview GameCult, Wonder Boy: The development of Monster World Asha marks the end of Nintendo Switch, and it is close to going gold on both PC and PS4.