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With you?  "A joke, are we serious?".  Democrats drop Giuseppe after a break on security orders - in tempo

With you? “A joke, are we serious?”. Democrats drop Giuseppe after a break on security orders – in tempo

Democrats mock Giuseppe Conte for making improper announcements on security orders. Security orders scattered tens of thousands of migrants through the streets in the suburbs and countryside. The removal of humanitarian security prevented many immigrants from entering the reception system, preventing others from leaving without entitlement, resulting in thousands of immigrants becoming invisible. In short, Matteo Salvini failed as home minister for homeland and immigration. This is a fact, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Thirty yes, but three hundred more.  Avoid the candidature of former minister M5s reveals that these statements were considered a real joke, with some of the Dem MPs even asking “Are we serious?” The chief who signed the orders the league wanted is now attacking them is considered merely a joke. “Finally, after a long time, Conte proved us right,” the Democrat Dean erupted. Giuseppe’s goal is to give the 5 Star Movement a sign of the moderate and centrist power that sees the reformist left: of course it can help to avoid such personal goals.

He doesn’t have to.  Carfagna scolds on TV, his friend La Rusa is angry

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