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With Nintendo’s new live competition, the world of sports will continue to expand

Competitions are the perfect way to share the gaming experience with a wider audience

The tradition took place last week Nintendo Annual Partnership Meeting, The leader of the big N in this case, Shundaro Furukawa, Answered many questions and interests about the future of the company and the direction it will take in the future.

In particular, there was always talk of a growing worldeSports The role that Nintendo could play in terms of future competitions and events To live. According to President Furukawa, competitions are a great way to go “Sharing gaming experience with a wider audience” Once the planet is out of pain, there is every intention to re-organize live demonstrations SARS – Cove-2.

We believe that eSports-like formats where players compete with each other in front of many people are a way to share the gaming experience with a wider audience. Nintendo already has a history of eSports racing: shortly before the outbreak, during the event Nintendo Live 2019 In Kyoto, in October 2019, we organized the finals of the Smash Brothers National Elementary School Tournament and the Splatoon Gossip 2020 Kingy Regional Tournament. You can see how well these contests were received not only by the visitors on the site but also by the viewers online.

Tournaments may encourage game owners to continue playing, and may generate interest in Nintendo games and characters. We will continue to organize competitions and other similar events in the future, Compatible with infection.

Shundaro Furukawa

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What do you think about words Furukawa? Do you believe the big N should provide some additional stimuli? Competitive players Or do you think it is better to focus on engaging and entertaining as many players as possible?