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With Android 12, the app will stop working on the smartphone

With Android 12, the app will stop working on the smartphone

According to the findings of the XDA-developers and Google’s confirmation of 9to5Google to support integrated “driving mode” with Google Assistant, the Android Auto application for mobile will cease to work on smartphones with the advent of Android 12.

Android Auto: With Android 12, the app will stop working on smartphones

Google I / O 2014, introduced in the operating system Android Auto It has come a long way and is now an integral part of an automotive and connected experience. Two years later, the American team had the idea to create a complete app, which we see today as “Android Auto for Mobile”.

A new driving system integrated with Google Assistant and used in 2019. This popular functionality launches automatically during Google Map travel, and allows access to many functions (starting playlist, changing route, sending SMS, inviting) Thank you for your voice.

2019, a turning point

Clearly, if you are used to using Google Maps, the experience is clear, smooth and intuitive compared to third party applications. Also in 2019, Mountain View announced the removal of “Android Auto for Mobile”.

Two years later, it seems that Google has finally decided to put an end to the use. At the time of starting the latter, some users – quoted XDA Developers – Obvious pop-up message received: Android Auto is now only available for car screens. In other words, its mobile version is no longer relevant.

For his part, XDA Developers It was the same experience on a single pixel phone running Android 12. Tested further, but “Android Auto for Mobile” worked well.

Google confirms the message

However, Google has officially confirmed 9to5 Google Only smartphones equipped with Android 12 will ignore it as the application will stop working on the Android 12 release.

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“Android Auto for Mobile” is therefore only a temporary solution to fall into oblivion. Android Auto OS will now go it alone.

The Android car interface adds a button that suggests listening to music and podcasts. Don’t miss the precious second concentration on the wheel.
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