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Winter Sale 2022 – Best Nintendo Switch Offers

From From January 12 to February 8, 2022 In the evening, most of the shops in France take advantage of the winter sales and offer us low prices here and there. These four weeks will allow you to discover different offers on different products. If the majority have no real interest, there are still a few “Knuckles” In mass. We are going to give you some offers that we think are interesting in the universe Nintendo Switch.

As a reminder, the links provided on allow you to withdraw approximately 3% of the amount you pay. Thanks to this, we are able to maintain our servers and various services necessary for the proper functioning of the site. In addition, the competitions are mainly organized on our Twitter account. It should be noted that the switch-act is administered by an association. No editor or manager makes money, everything is used for the site. If you pre-order / purchase any game, accessories or accessories through our links, We thank you in advance !

List of games and accessories for sale

Change sales on the LECLERC page


Change sales on the FNAC page



Change sales on the Amazon page



This article will be updated within hours, days and weeks of sales. Do not hesitate to come back!

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