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German DJ releases album on Nintendo 64

German DJ releases album on Nintendo 64

Hamburg musician Remute will release a record that can be heard on the Nintendo 64. Fifteen songs have appeared on the N64 volume and are fully operational, according to a statement from the music producer and DJ’s real name, Denise Karimani.

This is the first album to be released by LP in the 90’s with the appropriate name “R64” for this console. Of course, that also means there is no other way to listen to the record – at least analog.

Glamor for retro consoles

Remute, which previously released albums for retro consoles from Nintendo such as SNES and Game Boy, submitted a delivery date of March 25, 2022. Studio recording is technically as limited as conventional modules for the Nintendo 64, meaning only 8 MB is available for playback and no MP3 converter is used.

The DJ also promises his most playful electro-pop album, reminiscent of “Yello, Kraftwek or Yellow Magic Orchestra” and at the same time featuring “Dark Techno and House Excursions”.