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We know a lot about the new features of the update

Windows Update will let you know if your PC is compatible

The next update of Windows 10 sets the stage for Windows 11.

Windows 11: Windows Update will tell you if your PC is compatible

We can already feel the transition from Windows 10 Windows 11 Would be complicated. Microsoft really imposes Very strict minimum configuration You can upgrade a computer to Windows 11. An installation outside the nails Security updates are not guaranteed.

Since the company is not ready to change its position, it is now making efforts to clarify whether a system can be upgraded to Windows 11.

New functionality for Windows 10 21H2

Microsoft will provide an application to check if your PC is compatible with the new system. In addition to this application, the company will also integrate verification directly into the Windows update.

Windows 11: Windows Update will tell you if your PC is compatible

From the 21H2 update that will be released in Windows 10 at the end of the year, the Windows update will indicate whether the PC is compatible with Windows 11 or not. .

The message also includes links to Microsoft Support Sites describing the configuration required for Windows 11 and new features of the system.

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