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Amazon Fire TV: How to install Dictoc on your TV stick

Amazon Fire TV: How to install Dictoc on your TV stick

How do I configure my Fire TV stick?

The Fire TV Stick can be used to bring DicTok to the big TV and entertain the whole family. This is what you need to go about.

Through “TDoc for TV”, DicTok has provided the official application for the Fire TV stick. This is the version of the application in which videos can only be viewed (view only). It allows you to throw short clips on the big screen in the living room and chat in a large group on the bed.

In Amazon Dictoc free download for tv*


You can install Dictoc for TV on your Fire TV Stick via the Amazon App Store. The application is available here as a free download.

Alternatively Android application

If you miss one or another feature, you can use a trick to stick the video portal’s Android app on the stick. This requires the “Downloader” application. With the help of this in this case you can download external Android applications like “Dictoc” and install them on the stick.

If you have successfully installed and opened “Downloader”, you can download Dictoc as follows.

Using the app causes problems

In our experiment, however, there were major problems with the application. If you start the app, you may not be able to sign in. The cursor for selecting individual fields cannot be found, otherwise the application commands will rarely work.

If you have similar issues, we recommend opening the dictator on your mobile phone and reflecting the mobile phone surface on the Fire TV stick.

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