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Windows 11 supports full gaming, auto HDR and direct storage

Windows 11 supports full gaming, auto HDR and direct storage

A few moments ago, a digital presentation event of Windows 11 aired. With great anticipation, Windows users around the world were able to enjoy a complete overview of what the key messages coming in this eleventh version of the operating system are. Windows. There has been a lot of talk about dashboards and new features, but there was a substantial bracket dedicated to this event The gaming world.

Windows 11 background

As announced during the section dedicated to gaming, Windows 11 is designed with in mind how deeply users are interested in video games. For this, all products Own support for Windows 11 subscription services Xbox Game Boss And xCloud, thanks to which players around the world can play with more than a hundred Xbox, Bethesda, EA and many gaming companies large or small around the world.

However, the message does not end here. Provides Windows 11 supportAuto HDR. This feature is implemented automatically in every video game product for the new operating system, and allows players to enjoy their favorite titles with a more realistic visual appearance and clear colors. Apart from this, it will also support Windows 11 technology Direct storage This will allow higher speeds on the operating system and I / O.

Xbox Game Boss

Bracket dedicated to gaming at the Windows 11 digital presentation event once this is over. As suggested several times during the live broadcast, Coming will be one of the key areas New Windows operating system and thanks Xbox Game Boss Players from all over the world will always have something new to thank for the huge list that is constantly expanding every month.

If you want to fully enjoy all the gaming experiences offered in GamePass, you can also subscribe to Xbox GamePass Ultimate through Amazon. This address.

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