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Windows 11 soll Ende 2021 erscheinen (Abbildung: Microsoft)

Windows 11: Release Begins October 5th (Update)

Windows 11 should appear by the end of 2021 (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft announces Windows 11 for October 5, 2021: more security, a new design, better games – and a free update for Windows 10.

Update Vom 31. August 2021: The so-called “rollout” – gradual delivery – will begin on October 11, 2021 in Windows 11. Microsoft announced this today. The operating system should initially be available on newer PCs and then available as a free upgrade for Windows 10 PCs.

How does a customer know when to install Windows 11? The notification will take place automatically on the computer page. In the Update menu (‘Settings’> ‘Windows Update’> ‘Check for updates’) users can manually check whether the update can already be downloaded.

You can find the minimum hardware requirements Here.

Microsoft announces Windows 11 at the end of 2021: more security, a new design, better games – and a free upgrade to Windows 10.

News from June 24, 2021: First, the most important news: Windows 11 will be available from the end of the year, so it is often already installed on new desktop PCs and notebooks – “Compatible Windows 10 PCs” There will also be free upgrades. Early next week, the initial version will be activated by the Windows Insider program.

If you are switching from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you should be prepared for some changes. Very transparent: Move the Start button and the Start menu to the center of the taskbar. Video conferencing software teams are practically built to standard.

But with the exception of the superficial ones (fonts, symbols, sounds), the newer Windows makes the process much easier – for example with ‘Snap Layouts’, which means that windows can be easily closed one on top of the other and next to each other. Widgets are designed to provide quick access to news feeds and weather updates. The new “Desktops” function creates virtual screens that can be quickly converted to various applications such as work, learning or playing.

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The Microsoft Store also gets Facelift: Apps, Games, Series and Films are easy to find, download and organize. Microsoft guarantees that all applications in the store will be tested for security and family friendliness.

New Windows 11 looks like this: Start menu in the middle of the future (Image: Microsoft)
New Windows 11 looks like this: Start menu in the middle of the future (Image: Microsoft)

The title of the game plays an important role in Windows 11, as it recently did with Microsoft: The US team is less promising “Best Windows for Gaming”. The DirectX12 Ultimate and DirectStore interfaces contribute to this, which reduces loading times and enhances gaming world profile. With Auto-HDR (High Dynamic Range) a “Broad, direct color spectrum” Can guarantee, i.e. the most brilliant, saturated colors and brightness values, as is known from the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Not only does it support the new hardware required for Windows 11 DirectStore: Xbox wireless controllers are compatible with mechanical keyboards and gaming mice, surround sound headsets and the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

In the context of Windows 11, the Xbox Game Pass for PC is actively promoted: For 9.99 a month, users can access more than 100 PC games, including Minecraft, The Microsoft Flight Simulator And such as novelty Hollow is infinite And Forza Harrison5. Future Bethesda titles are included during the release – the Ultimate Edition also has a long list of electronic arts games. The Xbox app specializes in cloud gaming and is integrated directly into Windows 11.

If you want to continue using Windows 10 despite all Windows 11 tests: Microsoft wants to guarantee support until October 2025.