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Windows 11 PC from the Cloud: Microsoft Introduces Windows 365

Windows 11 PC from the Cloud: Microsoft Introduces Windows 365

Windows 11

Windows 11. The new cloud service for companies will help employees work safely and securely regardless of location on every device Microsoft provides with Windows 365.

Windows 365 enables companies to provide an optimal work environment for employees on all end devices. (Source: Microsoft)

  • Microsoft announces new cloud service Windows 365 for companies.
  • Companies can use this to deliver Windows 11 work environments that operate independently of end devices
  • The manufacturer promises a simple and safe solution for small and medium enterprises.

Microsoft Windows 365 presented cloud service at the recent Microsoft Inspire conference. The software company provides a service to companies that provide almost all of the working computers and includes all the necessary programs and resources.

Users gain access Windows 10 And from the end of the year Windows 11 With all the plans that the company offers for the job. Employees need to find the same working condition from every device (cell phone, tablet, PC) regardless of their own location.

Suitable for individual work environments, each employee

Companies benefit from individual adjustment of configurations and monthly billing for access. The IT departments gain central control over the computer power and storage space provided, but also over the software infrastructure. Seasonal workers can be added and removed at short notice.

Microsoft guarantees that the working environment for the cloud solution will be completely secure. The offer follows a “zero confidence policy”. Among programmers, this refers to the maximum level of security required to block any access until it is required and authorized.

Operating system and all data in the cloud

Windows 365 aims to provide a simple alternative to the Azure virtual desktop offering its remote desktop. Here, a company’s own server system or personal computers and cloud are not remotely accessible. Of course, this creates additional information technology jobs that are no longer needed with Windows 365.

With Windows 365, companies are handing over a lot of knowledge and data to the cloud service. This can lead to huge security risks, not to mention data security. There is no absolute security, which is another maximum of ID security. It remains to be seen whether the pros outweigh the cons. Windows 365 Available to businesses starting August 2nd.

“Tip: Excellent VPN providers for added security and data security

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