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Breakdown: Some Windows 11 applications strike - cause

Windows 11: Microsoft releases emergency update

Some applications included with Windows 11 currently have major issues. Updated, November 6, 2021: There is an emergency patch.

Update, 6.11.2021:

Microsoft now offers the KB5008295 patch as an emergency update for all Windows 11 systems, according to a support article. KB5008295 first arrived on Thursday

For Windows Insiders
Published. After a while, all Windows 11 users will now receive the update. KB5008295 is available with Windows Update and

Here is the list of Microsoft updates
Available. Microsoft has been responding to issues with Windows 11 for the past few days, so some of the apps included in Windows 11 will no longer launch and / or the Start menu will not work. For more information about the problems you face, see below this message.

Original news from November 5, 2021 – glitch: Some Windows 11 apps are on strike – cause


Problems with Windows 11 (for mega testing here). The various applications and functions provided with Windows 11 are partially and / or temporarily inaccessible to users. This affects, among other things, the so-called sniping tool and emoji picker (can be activated via the Windows key +). Cause of the problem: Microsoft failed to update the digital credentials required to run applications. Some users who use Windows 11 IS mode are even more vulnerable because the Start menu may be striked here.

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Microsoft is already developing a patch that can be installed via the Windows update or manually. Microsoft has provided a list of affected applications, including:

  • Sniping tool

  • Account page and Start page of Windows 11 Settings app (only on Windows 11 S)

  • Start menu (Windows 11S only)

  • On-screen keyboard, voice input and emoji panel

  • Input mode editor (IME UI) interface

  • Getting Started and Tips Applications

As the list shows, only a few applications are important in everyday PC life. Touch keyboard and voice input are important functions for using the device in tablet mode. This is very annoying when the start menu does not work. You can temporarily use the Windows key + R here to start programs.

The solution will come next week’s patch day

Microsoft is updating the KB5006746 to address this issue starting October 21, 2021. It is currently only available in the preview version. The final version will be released next week on Patch Day. Overall Update The easiest way to download and use the preview version of KB5006746 is to go to the Windows Settings menu and then Update & Security, Windows Update. Go to the “Available Custom Updates” section and look for that particular patch.

You can also use the patch manually

Download here from the Microsoft Update Catalog
. Since there are patches for both X86 PCs (Intel Core and AMD Raison) and ARM-powered PCs, be sure to download the correct patch.

Initially for Windows Insiders only, Microsoft released the KB5008295 update on Friday night (November 5). With this update, so

It says in the release notes,
Will solve the problem.

Microsoft explains that Windows 10 users are not affected by this error. Even if you are not affected by this error, Microsoft will update your computer to Patch Day next Tuesday, November, so it will go anyway.