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Windows 11 makes setting up a new computer with your favorite applications easier than ever

Windows 11 will restore previously installed applications from the Microsoft Store to the new system.

This feature makes it very easy for Windows 11 users to set up a new Windows PC. Instead of searching for every application in the library and reinstalling it, it is now possible to choose to restore all the applications on the new device with a single click. According to Microsoft, this feature will soon be tested on the Windows Insider channel.

“To easily, quickly and seamlessly switch to the new PC, we will soon be testing a new feature in the Windows Insider Channel that will allow users to automatically restore installed applications from the Microsoft Store to their new Windows device,” says Giorgio, General Manager of the Microsoft Store. Windows Developer Blog.

How does it work?

Beyond users, this solution also applies to developers: they do not have to remind users to re-download their app.

The new option is available in the Microsoft Store. This will appear as a list of application icons already installed on the existing Windows system. Then users will have the option to select Redeem everythingOr select the apps you want and reset to the new device.

With this innovation, the software company hopes to stimulate the discovery of applications in the Microsoft Store and to list more developers. As a reminder, the App Store did not even offer Microsoft teams until this month.

The Microsoft Store is expanding

Microsoft Updated Microsoft Store When Windows 11 launched in October, it promised that Adobe Creative Cloud, Disney +, Dictoc, Zoom, Teams, Visual Studio, Notepad and Paint would be available.

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ACDSee Gemstone, Adobe Express, Audacity, Canva, Course Hero, Discord, Drawboard PDF, Epic Games, Firefox, Luminar Neo, Luminar AI, Mailchimp, Meitu XiuXiu, Microsoft Teams, OpenOffice, Paramount, ZipTti, ZipTT, Microsoft Store Today Zoom lists Giorgio Sardo.

In February, Microsoft released policies for Microsoft Activision blizzard as regulators considered it possible, with developers no longer having to buy into the use of its payment system. Own applications than third-party competitors. Microsoft will continue to allow applications to be downloaded from the Internet.

New to developers

At the Built 2022 conference last week, Microsoft deleted the Microsoft Store waiting list for 32 app developers, allowing app developers on .NET, C ++, Electron, Flutter, Qt, and Rust. Immediately submit their applications for distribution in its App Store.

Win32 app developers can control app visibility in the Microsoft Store for pre-release beta testing. Developers benefit from the new analytics dashboards to see how users are retrieved, application utility, telemetry data, and installing analytics. Developers can also respond to reviews of Win32 applications.

Microsoft has released a number of new tools for developers of the Progressive Web App (PWA), including a new Visual Studio code (VS code) extension that allows you to create, compile and publish PWAs from the Visual Studio to the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store Ads

To further attract developers, Microsoft today announced the introduction of Microsoft Store Ads, which enable users to serve ads based on their interests such as music.

“In the coming months, developers will be able to create advertising campaigns in the Microsoft Store using Microsoft Advertising. Only developers who publish content in the store can launch advertising campaigns, which ensures that the ads are relevant to the customer’s environment, ”explains Giorgio Sardo.

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Finally, Microsoft is expanding the preview of the Amazon Appstore – the only place where you can install Android applications for Windows 11’s Android subsystem – from the US to France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK. This will be done by the end of the year.