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The Movies & TV tab disappears and go to Google TV

Two months after Google’s announcement, Movies & TV tape is now gradually disappearing from the Play Store. Mountain View also redirects its users to the Google TV app if they wish to download and rent audiovisual content. Change that not everyone likes.

The Play Store is undergoing a transformation. Not really on the design side, it remains the same, but we feel that Google has been thinking for months about its primary usefulness, but above all its place in its ecosystem. In fact, the company now seems to be expanding its TV offer, especially with Google TV, to a tape dedicated to movies and series from the Play Store. In any case, this is the manufacturer’s opinion.

In late March, Google announced the end of the Movie and TV tab. The result has come, some users can already see. In fact, as shown in the screenshot above, the Games, Apps, and Books tab has been left out, and in many of them the tab has already disappeared. At this point, it’s even harder to predict Google’s plans for this new vacancy.

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Movies & TV Tap on Google Play Store Complete

In fact, if one believes that the Play Store is now satisfied with these three tabs, some users have seen a fourth tab called “Play Pass”, which is similar to the subscription provided by Google for its site. The latter may be another name for the “Offers” tab that appeared on some Android smartphones last November. Among other things, it includes ads for games and apps, as its name implies.

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Anyway, Google wants to highlight its Google TV application for all audiovisual content with its latest update. Some people do not fail to point out their frustration at not being able to benefit from a single site to download all their content. The latter can still take advantage of the tab in the web version of the Play Store, which will inevitably disappear.