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How to download any image and convert it to transparent PNG file

So, you stumbled across this blog hoping to find a definitive solution to download embedded images from a website. Try as hard as you can, right-clicking on the image of your choice and saving does not download the image in the desired format. Or you already have an image, but do not have the technical knowledge to remove the subject of the photo from the background. Well, do not regret, because this article will highlight how you can download any image from the Internet and the tools used to remove the background. Let’s go.

Looking at how I manage content around technology, I thought it would be best to use examples that fit my application case. These techniques apply to most websites, otherwise no special hardware is required (save the Windows vs Mac discussion to another forum). Also, you do not need to download any third party software on your work computer. Without it, we can talk about how to download an image from a website.

How to download an embedded image from a website

First things first, go to the web address you want. I have to download two works for iPhone 12 Mini (Review) so I will prove this on the Apple India website. Once there, try right-clicking on the image you want to download. Chances are you may not be able to save the image as a JPEG or PNG, instead you will be asked to save the photo as a web link. To alleviate it, follow these steps:

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1. Right-click anywhere on the webpage in Chrome (Windows users can also use CTRL + Shift + I).

2. Select Review from the following line.

3. When finished, your webpage will be split in two, with one half of the screen dominated by long HTML code. Above that, you can see various changes such as components, console and resources. Place your mouse on the Network tab and select it.

4. From here, it will filter all the images on the page as you want to hit the ‘Img’ tab. When done, tap Reload – this will compile all the images on the page in a separate column. Note that more entries will be added to the column as you go around the website.

5. Once the page is fully loaded, you can right-click on any image in the newly created column, open them in a new tab, and save the file for further use.

Images in the column may open in a. Web page format, do not be afraid. Make your way by copying the link address of the image Eskif. From there, go to the WebP tab, select WebP to JPG / PNG from the following and paste the link address into the dialog box. Once the image is uploaded and processed, you can download it in PNG or JPG format.

How to remove background from any image / How to convert any image to transparent PNG

A lot of users struggle to find the right tool to separate the object in an image from the background. When creating a clean cutout by default for apps like Photoshop and removing the background layer, there are a few web-based apps that can help you achieve that with the click of a button. One of the most popular portals for doing so is Removebg, which, as its moniker points out, automatically removes the background and publishes a transparent PNG image. Here’s how you can get this.

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1. Ann, You get an option to upload any image. For demonstration purposes, I will use the OnePlus 8 Pro image from the previous one.

2 – When done, the website will automatically remove the background. The output can be further defined by adding a blur effect or by choosing a different color background for the image.

The only downside to using and other web-based tools is that the free downloads are closed at 665 x 375 pixels. The cutout is very clean, and the website is transparent PNG in seconds.

With that, our presenter concludes on how to download images from any website and convert images into transparent PNGs. For more information on the technology, stay tuned to