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Windows 11 Insider, iOS 15 Beta and Samsung Leaks ... Summary of Weekly Technology News

Windows 11 Insider, iOS 15 Beta and Samsung Leaks … Summary of Weekly Technology News

Just like last week, Windows 11 has been in the news in recent days. I have to say that between the first release Internal preview The inability to explain which machines Microsoft is compatible with its new OS, has a lot to say. Apple also released the first public beta versions of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, WatchOS 9 and TVOS 15. In France, the key news is the implementation of the European Health Pass and the end of the VAT exemption for business sites located abroad, such as Wish or AliExpress.

Here is a summary of the week’s news in addition to our weekly program de quell j’me mail.

Windows 11: What is Microsoft playing?

Last week Windows 11 made us very excited. Future upgrades of PCs seemed to be packed with new features, and a precursor that was compatible with most computers in circulation. Meanwhile, Microsoft is completely confused. Redmond’s discourse changes every day, and we do not know which PCs will be OS compatible, and Microsoft has not determined which processors will be compatible. In the meantime, the version can be installed Internal preview To test the OS in the preview, however, we would like to warn you, beware of errors.

Windows 11: How to test your preview today

Windows 11: This application is more efficient than Microsoft to check if your PC is compatible

DPM 2.0: What is this essential technology to move to Windows 11?

Microsoft seeks to end minimal configuration controversy over switch to Windows 11

Apple introduces the first beta of iOS 15

As promised in June, iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 can now be installed on the devices of those who are not afraid of instability. Apple released the first public beta versions of its new system on Wednesday evening, in addition to the WatchOS 8 and TVOS 15. As for Magos Montreux, we have to wait a little longer. The first beta should come soon.

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iOS 15: We present to you in the video the future innovations of your iPhone

IPodOS 15: First public beta available, what are the big news to explore?

Samsung: A conference on August 11?

Samsung also made the speech this week. After hosting a conference on Monday dedicated to the OS of its future connected watches, the courier fell victim to numerous leaks above all else. We now know the design of the manufacturer’s future folding smartphones Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. In one of the stolen promotional images, we mention the date of August 11th. Could this be the date of a future unpacked event where the clocks are also planned?

Folding Smartphones: Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 released for the first time

Samsung will announce its new folding smartphones on August 11th

This summer Samsung made its first integrated watch with Google

700 million center profiles are for sale

This week, there was a lot of talk about the “center leak”. In fact, it is Scraping. Center servers were not hacked, smart comrades were having fun collecting all public user data in one file. Still, a giant directory with 700 million names is in circulation.

Center: 700 million profiles of data for sale on the web … that’s normal

European health pass is available

From Thursday, you can travel to Europe with a health pass (recent infection, negative test or complete vaccination schedule). To download this pass and import it into TousAntiCovid if you wish, go to the Amelie website. During a test, a QR code is provided.

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Covit 19 Vaccine: How to Download Your European Health Pass

TousAntiCovid will offer to convert your French Health Pass into a European Health Pass

AliExpress and Wish targeted by officers

Finally, the EU voted to end the VAT exemption for purchases made below 22 euros made abroad. This means that sites like AliExpress and Wish, which are not always very reliable, need to be modified.

Small purchases on Chinese sites, why Wish or AliExpress will cost you more expects to see you next Saturday for a new episode of DQJMM and a new update on the weekly news.