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Windows 11: Improving the design and functionality for Windows 10

Windows 11: Improving the design and functionality for Windows 10

To the surprise of many, Microsoft introduced Windows 11 on June 24, 2021. Windows 10 should actually be the last Windows, as the provider has already announced. But when the planned Windows 10X was discontinued before its launch, the company decided to integrate some functions and ideas into the standard desktop operating system. Conclusion: Windows 11 was born. The release is scheduled for October 5, 2021. You will get most of the functionality and design under Windows 10 without upgrading. Below you will find the tools that will help you to do this. You can read frequently asked questions about the basics of Windows 11 in the article “Windows 11 Free: Updates Questions and Answers”.

These tools will convert Windows 10 to Windows 11:

Download Windows 11 Skin Pack

Rebuild Windows 11 – Does it make sense?

Anyone familiar with the theme packs that follow the design and user guidance of the entire operating system will know that third-party tools cannot achieve 100 percent of the original Microsoft refinements of the latest operating system with older computers. While not achieving a perfect Windows 11 look, you can use the tools below to get closer to Windows 11: How to bring a part of the future into your computer. You get the idea of ​​how we will work tomorrow. Windows 10 is based on this. It has matured for many years. Programs that follow features often provide you with a copy of Windows 11 It is as stable as the original operating system and is well protected from malfunctions.
Use Windows 11 duplicate tools to weigh whether switching to Windows 11 is worthwhile or installing a trial version of the system.

Install Windows 10 21H2 as a platform

Since Windows 11 is based on the Windows 10 code, you have to Junior Windows 10 Use, it is technically as close as possible to Windows 11. Currently it is Windows 10 21H2. You can find out if you have it with Win-R and the command The winner. The window that opens will display this important output.

If the reported version is older (e.g. 21H2 Pioneer 21H1 or its predecessor 20H2), upgrade your system to the latest system descent using one of several options. In addition to the Settings application (open with Win-i and then click “Update and Security”), the free Windows 10-21H2 ISO file is suitable.

Download Windows 10 21H1 Home (64 Bit) as an ISO file

Replace with Windows 11 Skin Pack

Windows 11 Design for Windows 10: Free Restore Optics and Functions After restarting, the face of Windows 11 shines.

After restarting, Windows 10 shines on modern Windows 11 outfits.

The most convenient way to put a solid Windows 11 face on Windows 10 is with a theme pack. Prosperous developers have already created something like this from the ground up. It is recommended to create a recovery point first. Modification (modification) because the operating system is hot. That Windows 11 Skin Pack Run an exe file and specify a location to unzip it. This requires an encryption password, which is Follow the instructions in the installation wizard. Finally, restart Windows 10. Amaze how your windows – like Windows 11 – have rounded corners. New standard desktop wallpaper has been used and the mouse pointer has a new look.

According to, some antivirus tools issue an unauthorized malware, virus, spyware or Trojan horse alert: however, this must be a false positive. This can be considered true and the software is clean. If you want to be on the safe side, you can use the Windows 11 skin pack on a dedicated test PC / notebook (only if it does not endanger the stability of the system).

What’s in Windows 11?

Portable Das It won 11 Takes you on a journey through Windows 11: With Windows 10 and its successor, you launch the app. Click the slideshow showing screenshots of newly designed control elements (Start Menu, Volume Dialog, Explorer, App Store Apps, Settings, etc.). It’s reminiscent of Windows XP promotional video XP Tour, but in the case of ThisIsWin11 it is quiet, neutral, and informative.

Place the taskbar icons in the center of the taskbar

Windows 11 Design for Windows 10: Retrofit optics and functions are free

The taskbar icons shown in the middle are positively eye-catching.

The application is portable, so no installation is required. One thing that the center taskbar does not do: Focus on the Windows 10 Start Button. This is different in Windows 11, where performance is more stable.

Download the Center Taskbar

Follow the awesome window opening effects with Shareware WindowFx

Windows 11 Design for Windows 10: Retrofit optics and functions are free

WindowFx software works well, though not for free. We do not know of any comparable free software alternative. Performance is not noticeable here.

Connect the command line and PowerShell to the Windows terminal

Windows 11 Design for Windows 10: Retrofit optics and functions are free

Windows Terminal is more modern in command line and visually than PowerShell. Both tools can be used separately even if the terminal is installed.

Under Windows 11 there is a call option for the Windows terminal in the desktop context menu. This is the command line that connects the classic cmd.exe to the more sophisticated (but more sophisticated) PowerShell and Azure Cloud Shell. Thanks to tab support, you can work alternately with multiple command translators, working in a single window. With Windows Terminal You’ll benefit from this luxury as a separate download without Windows 11 on your Windows 10 PC.

Download Windows Terminal (Windows 10 Application)

Improve window pushing with Microsoft PowerToys

Windows 11 Design for Windows 10: Retrofit optics and Functions With FencyZons for free, power users perform better under Windows 10.  If you prefer, you can go to the FencyZones editor and configure the tool.

Power users work better with FancyZone. If you prefer, you can go to the FancyZones editor and configure the software. After a short period of practice, you will get more productivity.

Moving the mouse pointer between the three icons in the upper right corner of the window reveals a cool Windows 11 novelty: possible window settings appear in the preview. Because the operating system gives you a forecast, you can position the windows you invite with one click. The arrangement of program windows is much more intuitive than Aero Snap, introduced by Windows 7; Windows 10 expanded it (with Snap Assist) and Windows 11 created new possibilities here. Microsoft allows through that Power Toys Easy positioning of windows (with a slightly different approach) has been around for a long time. You can drag and drop windows while holding down the Shift key. PowerToy “FancyZones” now regulates one-third of the monitor window.

PS: Save your data before attempting to create Windows 11. Examining the article, nothing bad happened when the mentioned programs were loaded multiple times. But one time – a blue screen appeared every time the system started and could only be solved by reinstalling Windows 10 at a reasonable time. If you do not have a test system that can install tools (especially theme packs) you should at least provide a backup of the data. For software to keep you safe, see the list of programs at the top of this article.