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Windows 11 Available: Download Update

Windows 11 Available: Download Update

Today, Tuesday 5 October 2021, will be commemorated as that day Windows 11. Microsoft’s new operating system in the form of its official introduction Free update, Is available for download to PC owners who can meet the hardware requirements established by the software company (for more information, see the article dedicated to the requirements).

The day of Windows 11

The forerunner does not have the simple task of maintaining the good things found in Windows 10, improving some features (thinking about managing updates first, often the problem) and introducing innovations from one area to another. Interface overhaul For the integration of support Android apps.

Although the release is set for today, it should be noted that not all of them In the rule They will receive it immediately for update: a Release Degree, Will be completed only in the first half of 2022, so that the supply can be managed in a staggered manner and any problem can be intervened immediately if necessary.

Windows 11: How to Download Update Now

Once it is available, the user can Download Tamil Windows Update with Windows 11. If you want, you can rely on it, rather than waitingUpdate Assistant O al Media generating tool (See both Microsoft official site) To force the process.

In the first case of the two tools, after accepting the licensing conditions, the phase Download Tamil True as shown in the screenshot below. The second tool is recommended for those who want to boot from a USB or DVD media instead and perform a reinstallation or clean installation from the drive.

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Windows 11 Installation Assistant

Advice for those with less experience should wait for the possibility of being notified by the computer. It is also good to make a copy of it Backup Before installing your data, you do not know. The operation will take longer than a traditional upgrade, so we recommend that you do not run it in the middle of a running day or that you should return to use your computer immediately.