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Apple, to earn more games in 2019 than Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft

Apple, to earn more games in 2019 than Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft

Apple Scored in 2019 Takes Related to sales Games Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and Activision are higher than the blizzard, according to information that arose in the background of the lawsuit between Cupertino House and Epic Games.

Let’s talk about one Operational profit Equally $ 8.5 billionAlthough Apple claims that the margins discussed during the test were incorrect, that figure should be corrected downward. However, this did not stop her from dropping Fortnight, which ended up on the App Store blacklist for many years.

As Tim Sweeney has often said, the interesting thing about these numbers is that Apple earns a lot from video game sales, even without being a video game maker. Margin 30% In any application available in its store.

The most successful games like Nintendo Super Mario Run, with its 200 million downloads, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and of course Pokemon Geo have become a real phenomenon of costumes.

Compared to the Japanese company, Apple House can count on a larger installed platform, with nearly 200 million iPhones placed in 2020 alone: ​​more than 89 million Nintendo Switches sold so far.

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