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Windows 10: Still blue screens when printing?  Correction How the update works

Windows 10: Still blue screens when printing? Correction How the update works

Over the past few days we have been contacted by some computers who have trouble printing in the form of blue screens due to incorrect March updates for Windows 10. Complex updates KB5000802 (Windows 10 2004 / 20H2) and KB5000808 (Windows 10 1909) were automatically reinstalled on victims’ computers after a manual removal. New blue screens were the result.

Microsoft has released a bug fix and updates; However, victims must be helped manually to use the debugger. We explain how to do it.

We first reported a problem with the blue screen when printing on March 10: this only happens with some printers, for example some models from Kyocera. Therefore, the correction is required on personal Windows 10 computers and server counterparts. Microsoft responded with unplanned, overall updates, which also eliminated other graphics and printing issues.

Capture: Question updates are not automatically installed because printing issues occur only occasionally. Generally, only security-critical overall updates will be installed automatically. There is nothing for anyone who does not click “Download and Install” in the Windows Update area.

The following process should finally resolve the printing and potential graphics issues caused by the March updates:

  • In Windows Update (under Settings) select “Check for Updates”
  • Install the overall update provided later (“Custom Quality Update”) (“Download and Install”)
  • Perform an update installation during a system restart
  • Once installed, the issue should be resolved and broken updates KB5000802 / KB5000808 should no longer be provided or forced to be installed.
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There is no need to uninstall invalid updates before installing the overall update.

This update means; The KB specification varies depending on the version of Windows used.

(Image: Screenshot)

Since all the new features and bug fixes of previous updates are in the overall update, you do not need to pay attention to the KP numbers in the Windows update (they are now somewhat different from our previous message about fixes). The current overall update should contain the necessary fixes.


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