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Windows 10: Reinstall with free ISO

Windows 10: Reinstall with free ISO

Windows 10 has a long reset function. Resetting to factory settings is practically a new installation and can be found under “Updates and Security” in the settings. Click “Recovery”. You need to click “Let go” through “Reset this system” and then long-term choice whether you want to keep personal data and delete everything. “Remove all” is the way to a new installation.

The next step is for you to decide between the new “Cloud Download” and “Local Restore”. Difference: Cloud Download pulls a new Windows image from Microsoft, the local version is used to reinstall the local Windows base system. Important: Cloud download is not even compatible with the latest Windows 10, but always the correct version currently in use on the PC.

If you have a fast internet connection, Cloud Download is a practical option to reinstall Windows. You no longer even have to deal with ISOs. But the thing is, Windows Reset will only work if Windows is still running fairly. If Windows Ghost is dropped or the cloud download fails, you still need to do the manual work. How to reinstall Windows 10, see below.

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