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Sun Valley, the biggest update in the history of Windows 10

Windows 10, KB5004760 Available for Download, What’s New?

Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 overall update called KB5004760. It is designed for PCs running Windows 10 2004, 20H2 or 21H1.

The patch KB5004760 is available outside Tuesday. We are ahead of the security regardless of the update. Microsoft is dealing with bug fixes. It is provided for PCs with the latest standard versions of Windows 10. In detail, these are 20H1, 20H2 and 21H1. It is clear that there is a single KP targeting its three operating systems. No wonder they share the same code.

If you know we’re in a post outside of Redmond’s big monthly maintenance, it’s good to install. Its content fixes an error surrounding PDF files. This overall update fixes an issue with not being able to open PDF documents. Microsoft adds

We fixed an issue that prevented us from opening PDF files using applications that use Internet Explorer 11 or the 64-bit version of the web browser control. Additionally, a PDF file may appear as a simple gray background when using the Adobe Acrobat plugin.

How to download KB5004760 for Windows 10?

According to its release note, the KB5004760 does not come with any new known issues and no solutions. There are only those we have. One of them is about Japanese IME and Furigana characters. The second failure was about the Microsoft Edge Legacy browser (the lower version of the EdgeHML engine). Microsoft explains

“Devices with a Windows installation made from custom offline media or a custom ISO image can see the Microsoft Edge legacy removed by this update without being replaced with the new Edge.” This problem only occurs when custom offline media or ISO images are created by embedding this update in the image without first installing the standalone service layer (SSU) update released on March 29th. 2021 or later. “

The KB5004760 Microsoft update list is available through the online service. You can download it here Here.

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