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Windows 10 can now tell if your PC is compatible with Windows 10

Those who have been testing the new architecture of Windows 10 have benefited for a few days with the new tool to report compatibility with Windows 11.

If all indicators are green and the OS is sufficiently successful and stable, Windows 11 should be released by the end of October. Microsoft has added a new feature to the current framework to prepare users to migrate to the new operating system. Windows 10.

Because until now Find out if the PC is compatible with Windows 11, No real choice. When Microsoft formalized its new operating system, the publisher of Redmond released a new version of the software. PC health test. Unfortunately, the program was so substandard that Microsoft had to back down and immediately removed it from its site. Of course the program has many inconsistent messages, even in the most recent configurations, it is best for the publisher to remove it.

Windows 10 scans your computer and notifies you of its compatibility with Windows 11

If you have subscribed to the project Windows Insider Under Windows 10, you can now download a newer version PC health test, You can find a download link at the bottom of this article. By installing it, you can now know for sure whether your machine is compatible with Windows 11 or not. This Windows Update It informs them about the compatibility of their configuration.

In any case, a message like this reads: “The good news is: your computer meets the minimum system requirements for Windows 11. Note: Some Windows 10 features are not available in Windows 11. Some applications and features may require additional requirements.

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If the hardware configuration does not allow Windows 11 to be installed, a link to a support page will be displayed. It contains all the details of the minimum configuration required to install the new operating system. Note, this configuration does not change, especially with the DPM 2.0 chip: Microsoft recently allowed Windows 11 to be installed on older PCs. Prevents future operating system from taking advantage of updates.

At the time of the release of Windows 11, the Windows Update application or notification system currently being experienced by Windows 10 beta testers may have spread to all OS users.