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Will Xbox Series X / S SSD Storage Be Cheap to Expand Soon?

Will Xbox Series X / S SSD Storage Be Cheap to Expand Soon?

Models attempt to create modest, external SSD hard drives for the XBox Series X / S

On the way to the cheaper, external SSD extensions for the Xbox Series X / S a motor was able to record its first success. A CFE adapter may be the solution to cheap storage expansion.

We would like to note at the beginning of the article that this is only a partial success. Subject: It is not yet possible to dock commercially available NVMe M.2 SSD hard drives from third-party manufacturers in accordance with the speed specifications for the next generation consoles of the Xbox Series X / S. A motor from the Chinese Philippines-Forum works using a modified CFE adapter (Compact Flash Express) to remove an SSD hard drive from an Xbox, which is also used for cameras.

Microsoft’s SSD extensions are very expensive

Microsoft has done a lot with the new Xbox operating system. One wonders why Microsoft has taken on the misery of more expensive storage solutions as is common with the new generation Xbox 360. Sony Internet users are left wondering which M.2 SSD hard drive to use to expand the console’s internal memory. You can currently get a 1TB memory expansion card for the Xbox Series X / S for only 9 229.99 (RRP). For comparison: a compatible M2.SSD with 1TB capacity for the PS5 costs around 150 euros. There are other sizes to choose from (500GB, 2TB, 4TB, etc.).

CF-Express 2.0-adapter + Xbox SSD

Modified CF Adapter with Removed Xbox Memory Card (M2SSD)
Modified CF Adapter with Removed Xbox Memory Card (M2SSD)

The adapter that you can use with external SSD hard drives in the Xbox Series X / S is very welcome. The motor used everything from the CFX Express to the SST adapter that supports the new CF-Express 2.0 standard. This means 4 Gbit / s can be sent instead of the usual 1 Gbit / s. This means that the faster M.2 SSDs have the same bandwidth as the Gen4 x2 used in the Xbox Series X / S. However, the motor does not use a standard SSD, but a modified version of the PC SN530 created from the commercially available SSD expansion card on the Xbox Series platform.

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Designing Xbox SSDs remains a mystery

Xbox Series X Dongle
How Seagate hard drives are designed for the Xbox Series X / S is still a mystery.

This is where the problem of “cheap, external SSD extensions” comes into play. These modified hard drives are either designed in a specific way or have firmware compatible with Xbox. This is the only way to identify Xbox Series X / S without any problems. Unfortunately, if you combine a standard, faster M2 SST with a CF Express adapter, they will not work. If you can figure out how to properly format SSD hard drives, it will be a complete step towards cheap storage expansion. But who knows how Microsoft will respond to such a “hardware hack”.