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Nintendo wii

Will Wii and DSi stores be closed permanently?

The days of Wii and DS for most of the general public are long gone. Renovation and maintenance work has not been confirmed as the Switch is preferred over Nintendo’s two cult consoles. Purchasing games from DSi and Wii eShop will be impossible from 2019 onwards. But the servers were maintained so that players could download their game, but for a few days it seems not to be.

Nokia’s unexpected end to Nintendo?

People who go to the Wii shop to download their games end up with a blank page with the specific error code “Error Code: 209601”. in this situation, This error indicates a network or Internet failure, which prevents the connection. DSi’s eshop has a similar problem with error code 290502: “Could not connect to server, please try again”.

To date we have no new information explaining this from Nintendo. In addition, many players around the world have expressed this problem, so this is not an isolated case. In February, Nintendo has announced that it will close its purchase of dematerialized games on the Wii U and 3DS eshop for 2023.. So this is an understandable logic sequence.

Over time it is obvious that all servers of older consoles, as well as online stores, will gradually close to make way for new technologies, but without Nintendo’s official announcement, this issue raises questions. Announcing in advance and above all will allow players to be ready for it to retrieve their dematerialized games.

So is this really the end of Wii and DSi servers? Or several days of Nintendo maintenance? For now, this is a complete mystery.

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