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Star Fox Zero on Switch?  Platinum doesn’t care if Nintendo gives the green light.  •

Star Fox Zero on Switch? Platinum doesn’t care if Nintendo gives the green light. •

As an owner of Star Fox, I hope you have always asked why they are not there yet. It has it all: annoying voices, space action, planetary flight action, a lot of warm-hearted nostalgia for a time when polygons could not be used by lasers and giant robots and consoles.

One reason for Fox & Go’s very rare appearances may be games like Star Fox Adventures – which are not reasonably planned as Star Fox – or Star Fox Zero for Wii U. The latter was not bad for Star Fox, remembering what the show could do, what the fun was, and what the fans wanted. At least so far you have not had to think about why you are playing a normal Zelda clone instead of Star Fox.

Starfox Zero 2016, when rewritten by Nintendo as a hardware manufacturer – happens once a decade without significant learning outcome with the prophets – is somehow a solid genre of continuity. It was a classic train shooter, with the whole crew, in the eyes of the fans, able to turn all their unpleasant traits from the Super Nintendo era into endearing qualities. Six hours of brainwashing and shooting. It certainly helped the artists at Platinum Games to take this, thinking for five minutes that the original was so exciting at the time, and came to the conclusion that the opening shot for 3D polygons on consoles could not be repeated. No matter how hard the Wii U itself struggled with polygons. So they created a fun little train shooter.

The fact that Star Fox Zero has never been a generally recognized classic was partly due to the Wii U’s general operating controls, which created a strange hybrid. Some of the newer vehicles like the kyrocopter they wanted to use felt unfinished. Accurate targeting on the controller screen does not really help. Basically, Star Fox Zero has always been good, when it comes to pretending that it lacks the features of the Wii. Despite the short game time, many things seemed a bit stretched, but without a plan or elegant adjustment. Platinum games are not exactly known. What it could be feels like a game not yet finished. Yet it is available digitally at the Wii U Shop for 50 euros. I was really surprised that you could still buy Wii U games digitally. Still, it doesn’t cost 99 cents per game there.

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Importantly most likely, the redesign of the forgotten, sometimes more, sometimes less, you do not know exactly when the pearls of the Wii U come. That may be the case with Star Fox Zero now, because Platinum commented on their 2016 work: “It’s not good that people can’t play old titles because they don’t have access to the platform. That’s why we want to bring all the old titles to new sites, if possible.” Says Atsushi Inaba VGC-Interview.

“It ultimately depends on what is really possible. Miyamoto-san’s decision,” Inaba added. “There was a lot of discussion about the development between Nintendo and Platinum back then, but if bringing Star Fox Zero to the switch is questionable, we certainly value what he will do with this opportunity.”


In the end, it shouldn’t fail because of the Platinum, but the decision for the switch version of Star Fox Zero will not come as a surprise to Nintendo and Miyamoto. There is also hope that the original somewhat original cut of the original will be made again, and that the game will be given that Fox earned McLeod and Slippy Dot because he is also annoying at Zero. But this is something that both sides will not change in a reorganization.