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Will the Nintendo Switch be compatible with the Sport Switch Lite?

Will the Nintendo Switch be compatible with the Sport Switch Lite?

Nintendo will soon be offering a set of sports games in Switzerland, just like it was in the days of the Wii. Is it compatible with the console lite model designed for small use?

Nintendo has decided to resurrect its game lineup Nintendo Switch SportsAnnounced during the first Directorate of 2022. This would be a derivative Wee SportsA collection of gaming mini-games designed to highlight the gameplay in terms of motion recognition. Nintendo Switch Sports Initially with six divisions (tennis, bowling, sambara, football, badminton and volleyball) this policy will be taken up.

Like Nintendo Switch Sports Relying on motion gaming to work, many ask the following question: Is it compatible? Change the light, 100% portable console without portable Joy-con controllers capable of recording users’ movements? A precursor, no. In fact, according to one article, the game looks like Nintendo Life Released February 17th.

Nintendo Switch Sports. // Source: Nintendo

Is Nintendo Switch Sport Really Compatible With Switch Lite?

On February 19th and 20th, Nintendo conducted an online play trial Nintendo Switch Sports, Switch owners have the opportunity to burn some calories before the April 29 start. On a page dedicated to this beta that is accessible to subscribers Nintendo Switch OnlineIt says: Nintendo Switch Sports Online Play Test Compatible With Nintendo Switch Lite Consoles “. This note suggests that this will not be the case for the entire game.

But Nintendo Life was able to test this online play test Nintendo Switch Sports In the switch light. By combining the Joy-Con with a portable console, gaming is actually possible. ” You can use Joy-Con to play Nintendo Switch Sport in Switch Lite, but this is not the best way to enjoy it. “, The media reports.

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All say that Nintendo does not want to highlight this compatibility for one simple reason: Nintendo Switch Sports An experience you can enjoy with a big screen and the space around you. Since it is not possible to connect the switch light to the TV, it offers an impractical configuration (especially since you have to find a way to keep the console upright to view the screen). Numerama has asked Nintendo for more details and we are waiting for a response.

Nintendo Switch Sports There will not be a single game on the list that is not – or somewhat compatible with – the switch light. Such products 1-2-switch, Nintendo Lab Or Super Mario Party Have already been affected. Cheap Switch officially offers only one of three game modes (no TV or table), and in some cases imposes limits.