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Will the announcement come soon?  Notice found in ad trailer

Will the announcement come soon? Notice found in ad trailer

For now, the remake of the famous survival horror adventure “Resident Evil 4” is rumored to be on the hunt.

If we believe the current rumors, the official announcement of the new version may be released soon. Users want to get the relevant announcement in the current live-action trailer for the PlayStation 5. It only features the “Sly Cooper” series logo. Additionally, users discovered the “Los Plugas” or “Los Illuminati” logo from “Resident Evil 4”. It remains to be seen to what extent the whole thing really means an instant announcement.

A remake in development from 2018?

So far, neither Capcom nor Sony Interactive Entertainment has commented on current rumors about a remake of “Resident Evil 4”. According to unconfirmed reports, the new version has been in operation since 2018 and a developer had to accept the change. The remake was initially due to be made in Japanese studio M2, due to the remake of “Resident Evil 3”, the new version is now being made in Capcom’s Section 1.

With regard to the subject: Resident Evil 4 remake: Exclusive time for PlayStation 5? – Rumor

Intuitive decision Regarding creative differences Between Capcom and M2. According to internal sources, the comment was edited and the release was postponed during the developer change. According to rumors, we should not expect the “Resident Evil 4 remake” to be released before 2023.

If there is any official information about the famous classic comeback, we will definitely let you know immediately.

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