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Will Instagram Pay?  Here is what the truth is

Will Instagram Pay? Here is what the truth is

Pay for a subscription to exclusive content. This is the revolution Instagram Designed by the owner Mark Zuckerberg, Getting inspiration independently from the social network Fans onlyJust like the WhatsApp I bought in 2014, just like I did on Facebook Messenger.

This appeared in several articles in the media and some newspapers, although it was initially believed that this may actually be the case. Fake news That’s not right. Instagram is not paid for at all, but access to some content from some influencers. The trial began in the United States with the first 10 influencers to join the effort. Here’s all you need to know about the new frontier Instagram And what changes for users.

Paid Instagram: How it works and what’s new

Paid for Instagram Account Premium And exclusive content. This is the message of one of the most used social networking sites in the world. The meta team, after its success on Facebook, decided to launch a project on Instagram as well Subscriptions. A program that includes a model that “rewards” the most active profiles, paying for published photos, videos and stories.

But before you worry, it’s good to know that Influencer Accounts Open and public, but fans can support their favorite creators by subscribing. Exclusive content. The same offer, if not the same fan offer.

The Subscriptions As explained by the CEO of Instagram, it is one of the best ways to earn predictable revenue Adam Moseri In a video post. However, Moseri wanted to underline another key aspect of this new process, namely being able to support micro-influencers that are not always monetized despite efforts to come out.

Paid Instagram: Here is exclusive content

So there are 3 key findings Content creator And those who follow them. According to first rumors, influencers, creators and bloggers could create one Subscription Cost between $ 0.99- $ 99.99, At the discretion of the content creator. Here is what this exclusive content is:

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  • Direct to subscribers;
  • Stories for subscribers;
  • Badge For subscribers,

In the face of hundreds of comments, thanks to the badge, the influencer can identify and prioritize those who decide to support him / her directly. The Instagram badge They are not really a novelty, but rather tools that are already in use and you can buy them To live, A cost in between $ 0.99-4.99. This way you can support the work of your favorite creators. To subscribe to content, a dedicated button will be created under the bio on the homepage of the social network.

Pay Instagram: How Much Money Do Influencers Make?

Currently this feature is only available United States And only for a limited number of influencers and celebrities on the Internet. However, in the coming months, more and more profiles may be involved. Also, Meta has decided not to collect any percentage from Instagram subscriptions until at least 2023. So for one year, influencers can get 100% revenue through subscriptions.

Then, as happened to Facebook subscriptions, 30% of meta revenue should be withheld. The company also said it has invested $ 1 billion in the new operation. However, a final review should be made on this issue.

Advertising for Instagram, like other social networks, has always been a major source of revenue for creators. So it is not certain that the economic model will be completely disrupted by this revolution.

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