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Wild boar emergency: requires more park rangers and less waste, but barrel discharge is between municipality and region

Wild boar emergency: requires more park rangers and less waste, but barrel discharge is between municipality and region

The region behind the neglected responsibilities of the municipality and the massive presence of the region. But solutions at your fingertips.

They wander the streets, walk the sidewalks, and take root in public gardens. The presence of wild boars in the territory of Capitol is a constant. At first glance the Marino administration is years old but in the last five years they have increased significantly. Moreover, the species in circulation was introduced in Italy for hunting purposes, and is particularly fertile.

The expression of the Capitol

Who should set aside anchors from gardens, sidewalks, and public areas of the city? The issue has been the subject of a new controversy between the city and the regional administration. With the first, by its mayor Virginia Rocky, The prosecutor complained to the office For the second victim. This is because, according to Capitol managers, the large and uncontrolled presence of wild boar in urban areas is the result of the failure to advance and / or implement Lazio Region’s performance management plans.

The municipality basically considers the area to be “failing to prepare management plans” and therefore refers to it as the main responsible for the breeding of these animals. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government. And Metropolitan City, memorable, has always been a company headed by Mayor Rocky.

But there is another aspect that condemns the Capital region, citing the memorandum of understanding that three companies, including the former province, have signed. In fact, the company, led by Roma Capitol Ginger, recalled that it was “necessary to identify regional structures capable of receiving organisms in the context of numerical control measures”. Of these structures, there seems to be no trace of the so-called “oasis for uncle” in the five-star description. Overall, in the dispute between the two local authorities, who has the biggest responsibility?

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Functions of the Municipality

“While it is true that wildlife is a regional ability, it is also true that parks devise control plans when there is a surplus of one species – and that is also true – explained the presence of wildlife outside the parks, which includes the direct intervention of the municipality.

Kuppyotti is the head of the regional organization that manages about fifteen public green areas, including parks and reserves. “Control programs in operation todayDistribution of “guaranteed” “substantial numbers of animals” with capture in cages and pens. In fact, the tools available to the regional body do not seem to be adequate. From the point of view of the instrument – some of the cages are not there – or from the human resource given that there are only about twenty park guards left in Romanatura. That’s why it gets complicated In the face of some vandalism perpetrated by cages And fences can control the population pressure of wild boar. But why are these animals not in their natural habitat, and why do we constantly find them on the streets of Rome?

Inspired by the waste in the city

“Of course keeping the city clean would be a perfect barrier to combating the presence of wild boar in search of food on the streets of the capital because – the bottler recalled – the real reason wildlife is leaving its habitat is the search for food.” Not only the head of the regional organization supported it. Wild boars, like other wild species, came to the city because they were attracted to garbage, which was shared by nature lovers and science communicators. Like biologist Francesco Petretti. So we have to solve this problem. The Memorandum of Understanding signed between the various companies cited in Capitol’s report states that the municipality is responsible for all measures taken to avoid the presence of waste “on the streets and in green areas.” In which – the protocol says – excessive growth of plants can provide heat with a hiding place.

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What to do to reduce the presence of wild boars

Outside of the return of classic talent, wild boars continue to swarm the city for a variety of reasons. Because there are not enough cages or people for regional power. And because the city is struggling with recycling waste emergencies. And it is easy to find enough food for the growing chicks in the middle of the garbage bags.

What to do next? The city can keep the streets clean. On the other hand, the region needs to increase the provision of cages and park guards. Together, the two efforts will help reduce the number of wild boars in circulation in the capital. Otherwise, after each report, the difficult conflict between the Capitol and the region will resume. To the delight of those who do not walk around the city.

(Rome Today)