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Widgets, Home screen and multitasking -

Widgets, Home screen and multitasking –

IPod 15 Given WWDC 2021, Apple announced Announcements IPod operating system: Improved widgets, changed home screen and efficient multitasking.

After the news of iOS 15, here are some Feature The Cupertino home is designed exclusively for its tablet owners and can exploit the screen size for a complete and brilliant experience.

The Home screen Has been redesigned to support me Widget, So we can place our frequently used apps and tools instantly wherever we want, and better organize the screens anywhere.

IPados 15, management of widgets on the home screen.

Introduced Application collection Convenient to select new apps in split-screen view, with the new tools for multitasking selectable from the top of the iPad screen, already found in iOS 14.

The Note Ability to send messages, insert tags, view functionality in shared notes Execute notes with the Apple pencil by swiping from one corner of the screen, thanks to a new interface and the Cook Note tool.

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